I may have mentioned this, but I am a writer. I was a freelance journalist for a decade. A corporate writer and trainer for 20 years. And I have written 20+ books, on various aspect of business and promotional writing, writing for the web, and the business of freelance writing. So why am I telling you all of this? MS (and I suppose age) has caused me to retire. More MS than age; hell, I’m only 66! But even though I am sick and retired, my brain and fingers still work. I can’t stop writing!

In fact, last year, during pandemic 2020, I wrote two novels: Geri and Chronic.

When it comes to an MS blog, I have to tell you about Chronic. In the novel, for people with various maladies — Parkinson’s, cancer, paraplegia, and, of course, MS, rent a flat together. Life happens.

And it’s almost a normal life! As normal as life can be under the circumstances.

Mainstream media, be it books, TV, or movies, generally ignores sick people. Or if there is a sick person in a story, the focus is on the illness. Oh, look at how sick he/she is! Boo-hoo. In Chronic the focus is on life. The maladies are not ignored. They exist. They even interfere with life as our characters would prefer to live it.

At the same time, they live their lives. They challenge and motivate each other to do so. Yes, their are limitation. Being human means you have limitations! Being chronically ill means you have more limitations. But they work around their limitations. They work to overcome their limitations. They work to live the best lives they can live, acknowledging their limitations.

They are, in fact, more successful human beings than many so-called healthy people are because they refuse to allow their limitations to limit them. Not easy. In fact it takes hard work to achieve what they achieve. But they do achieve.

My beta readers have enjoyed Chronic. You can read what they have to say here: Chronic. And hey, if you like what they have to say, pick up the print, Kindle or epub version of the book. At the same time, if you don’t mind reading a PDF, you can get a free one. Simply email paulmslima@gmail.com with Chronic PDF in the subject line, and I will send you a PDF of four people who live their lives to their fullest, in spite of their chronic limitations.

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