I am giving away PDFs of my two novels, one which is available now, and the other which should be available by mid-December. How to get them at the end of this post.

Available mid-December (but you can put your request for it in now): Chronic: A Sick Novel.
Four people with various maladies–multiple sclerosis (which I have), Parkinson’s disease, cancer, paraplegia–move in to a flat together. Life happens. Here’s what one beta reader said: “If this book were a movie, the cleaners would have to mop up buckets of tears when it was over. Of joy. Of laughter. And yes, of sadness. I’m lucky I had a big box of tissues close by as I read.”
Read more beta reader reactions and more about the book here: paullima.com/chronic/

Available now: Geri: A Post-Pandemic LGBTQ+ Novel About Something.
Geri Sender is a talented but unknown non-binary stand-up comedian and carpenter who thinks they may be transgender. They live in a house flat with three LGBTQ+ friends… If this sounds like it might be a Seinfeld spoof, it is, in a small way. But it really is its own story.
Read more about the book here: paullima.com/geri/.

So how do you get your free PDF? Easy. Email paulmslima@gmail.com. Use the subject line: “Geri PDF” or “Chronic PDF” or “Geri/Chronic PDF”. I will email you the PDF book(s), and no other email. That I promise!

Happy reading, folks.

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